Precision Performance Products recently contacted us that they re-engineered the Lever and Cable Bracket for GM TH400 transmissions. They found that the geometry for common TH400 cable bracket and lever combinations were off just enough to cause problems on certain aftermarket transmission applications. When they looked closer, they found that the geometry for these components was also incorrect for common TH400 applications. What this means is that the typical TH400 cable bracket and lever components we've used for decades (no matter the shifter brand) were not accurate!

The re-engineered components are now available on our website, and we're the first to offer these new products! (see image comparisons below)

Part #PPP-619 (619a) GM TH400 Cable Bracket and Lever Kit

Part #PPP-618 (618a) GM TH400 Lever

Part #PPP-622 (622a) GM TH400 Cable Bracket

WARNING: Do not mix-and-match the individual components. If you only need the lever or bracket, you MUST still purchase the corresponding bracket or lever. These items are not compatible individually with any other brand product. Example: The PPP-618 Lever is not compatible with a B&M, Hurst, Turbo Action (or other brand) cable bracket. If unsure what you have, please order kit Part #PPP-619 that includes both components or create a support ticket for assistance.

NOTE: TurboGlide Applications

On two-speed TurboHydro (TH400) applications, it is important to utilize the original lever. and not the redesigned lever. The gear selector spacing on the TurboGlide works best with the original wider spacing provided with the original lever.

NOTE: Our customers receive the re-engineered products on any new orders. We've already stopped offering the older design. The new designs have an "a" on the stamping.