For those using the Dodge / Chrysler 47RE and 48RE 4-speed overdrive transmission, we have a Kwik-Shift shifter for you. (4th gear is activated automatically within the transmission itself).

NOTE: Only the Kwik-Shift I shifter works on the 47RE. For the 48RE, either a *special order* Kwik-Shift I or a common Kwik-Shift II is required. The 48RE requires front cable entry at the transmission.

Required Components for 47RE:

PPP-426 Kwik-Shift I shifter case (manual operation)  -or-

PPP-476 Kwik-Shift I shifter case (air operation)

PPP-655 Lever and Cable Bracket Kit

Required Components for 48RE:

**Kwik-Shift I is special order only**

PPP-226B Kwik-Shift II shifter case

PPP-660 Lever and Cable Bracket Kit

Other accessories may be required that include:

PPP-601 Floor Mount Brackets

PPP-605 (5.0') or PPP-607 (7.0') Shifter Cable

PPP-330 CO2 Kit (bottle, valve, regulator, solenoid, lines and fittings) for Air shifters

These shifters are available in either FRONT or REAR cable exit at the shifter. The cable exit determines the up-shift direction and location of PARK. See attached drawings for more detail.