This brief article describes the best practices when submitting a support ticket, addressing both necessary information and content. This will ensure that our agents can respond promptly with clear details to best answer your questions and provide exceptional assistance with any problem you may have.

First, begin with a clear and simple subject. Examples: "Exhaust Header Application", "Best header for my vehicle?", "Do you have this product?", "How do I install this product?", "This product does not fit", "Does this fit my vehicle?", I have a warranty issue", "Is this product offered in xxxxx color (or size)?", etc.

Second, within the content of the message---if the question relates to a specific vehicle---please include detailed vehicle information:

  • Make / Model / Year
  • Engine (make, size, type, and any information on the engine relative to the question or problem)
  • Cylinder Head (brand, type, part number)
  • Spark Plug Angle (straight or angle); This is only necessary for Small Block Chevrolet engine applications. Also, please include if the cylinder heads feature Vortec style plug spacing (see image below).
  • Cylinder Head Port Shape/Size (see exhaust port image below)
  • Transmission Type (automatic or manual, and other details)
  • Suspension / Chassis (stock, aftermarket, brand - Heidts, Chassisworks, TCI, etc.)
  • Steering (stock, manual, power, rack & pinion, etc)
  • Any other relevant information about the vehicle

Third, images often help describe a problem while helping us see what you see, so we may provide the best solution. However, sometimes the file size (data size) of the images taken by our smartphones and other digital cameras are simply too big to attach or send electronically. The article at this link explains how to easily shrink the file size of images prior to attaching them to the support ticket: https://centuryperformance.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/17000029639-adding-images-to-support-tickets

Fourth, if writing in a different language we will do our best to translate the text using common translation software. We pride ourselves on assisting each and every one of our customers all around the world. If you have difficulties writing in English, please use your primary language. We will do our very best to answer in both English and your own language. It may not be 100% accurate, but we will work together to communicate clearly.

Finally, a few simple tips on presentation of content. While we all appreciate short and succinct messages, it really helps if the message is clear and detailed enough so that we can provide a detailed response. A message that simply states "This does not fit." does not help us to help you solve the problem. Was the wrong shipped and delivered? Is it the wrong part for the application? Is it possible that installation instructions were not properly followed? Without complete information, we won't know---and it may take many back-and-forth responses before we understand the real issue. And lastly, please do not write in ALL CAPS. It is difficult and frustrating to read. Text in all capital letters is commonly understood that the person is yelling at the recipient. Capitalization is often important for emphasis, but not as the entire message.

We look forward to assisting you.


Tech Images for Small Block Chevrolet Customers: Vortec Plug Spacing and Exhaust Port Shape